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No Friday Availability this week or next. Please order for Thursday 12th or 19th. Complimentary delivery available for inconvenience.
No Friday Availability this week or next. Please order for Thursday 12th or 19th. Complimentary delivery available for inconvenience.

Frequently asked questions

Any problems, please get in touch with Edward at 07725058531 (call or WhatsApp for fastest response) or email at


What days are you open?

We run drive thru days on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 


Are there order cut off times?

Yes. Cut off times are as follows:

Order by Tuesday 10am for collection on Thursday.

Order by Thursday 10am for collection on Saturday.

Order by Sunday 10am for collection on Tuesday.


What does my order come in?

 We will pack your order up into cardboard boxes to pop straight in your boot. 

You can return the boxes to us on your next shop as we can reuse them many times over if they're kept in good condition. 

If you don't want them hanging around the house, you can just pop them in the recycling.

Alternatively, if you'd like to provide us with multi-use bags to pack your order in to when you arrive, please do! A member of the team will be happy to do that for you, just ask when you drive thru. 


What do you do with your leftover food?

Because we only take orders in advance, we're able to source exactly the right amount of food for each collection today. 

To date, we're proud to say we have not had to throw a single bit of produce out and have been completely waste free!


Can I change my pickup time after I've checked out and paid?

Yes, just email to let us know. 


Can I add to an existing order?

Yes, so long as the order cut off time for your pickup day hasn't passed.

The easiest way to do that is to place a second order. Choose a time slot later in the day and just pop a note (in the "Special Instructions" box on the Cart page) saying you'd like to add the new order to your existing for that day.

A lot of the cut off times are due to the meat and fish requiring extra time to prepare. Things like fruit, veg, dairy and bread are easier to get hold of last minute. So it's always worth emailing or calling Edward if you've missed a cut off time and would like to add something.


Do you deliver?

Not yet no, we want to focus on getting to know all you lovely customers personally and that's a bit easier if we're not rushing around trying to complete a delivery schedule on time! Never say never though.


Do you offer a guarantee?


We're beyond confident you'll love our food! We source from the absolute best suppliers. But on the off chance you're not happy with anything in your order, let us know and we'll refund you immediately.


Are you really giving 10% of your profit to the NHS?


We want to do our bit to say thank you for everything our hardworking nurses and doctors have done for us all during the pandemic so we're donating 10% of all our profits.

If you can think of any other meaningful ways we could help out the NHS or the local community, please do get in touch and let us know either via the Contact page or by emailing direct to